Additional Charger

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If you want the maximum speed in charging both your insoles, you can purchase an additional Wireless Charger and charge them both at the same time!

Fully recharging one insole takes about 3 hours, therefore with one charger you can charge both insoles in 6 hours. Recharging times are reduced in case the insoles are still partially charged.

In few days you will receive:

- n. 1 wireless induction charger 5V, 2.1A, 100-200KHz, certificate Qi v.1.1. The charger allows to charge one insole at the time. Charger color may vary due to availability.

- n. 1 cable to connect the charger to any USB port.

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 The images are purely for information. Charger color and shape may vary due to availability at purchase.

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