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BOOK NOW this special offer: you can get one pair +Winter insoles and TWO wireless chargers at a discounted price, just 129€ instead of 159€.

This special +Winter pack is targeted to:
- customers from USA and Canada 
- European pre-orders for of all sizes currently out of stock at the normal rate 

Between November and December 2017 you will receive:

- One pair +Winter insoles. Color may vary due to availability.

- n. 2 wireless induction chargers 5V, 2.1A, 100-200KHz, certificate Qi v.1.1.  Charger color may vary due to availability.

- n. 2 cables to connect each charger to any USB port.

FREE SHIPPING on orders over 150€.

Click here to download the user guide in English, Deutsch or Français.

You do not need to trim or adjust your +Winter insole, it is perfect as it is, just choose your size.

Pay attention to the insole length in cm in the scroll down menu next to the size.