Some key numbers regarding +Winter insoles



    • +Winter is compatible with any wireless induction charger commonly used to charge mobile phones as long as provided that it has the following characteristics: 5V, 2.1A, 100-200KHz, certificate Qi v.1.1, keeping a maximum charging distance of 4-5 mm between insole and charger.
    • Each insole holds a battery hidden in the heel area.
    • The communication between +Winter and your smartphone happens via Bluetooth 4.0 protocol thanks to an internally developed +t App, freely available in Apple and Google Play stores.
    • Two temperature sensors, one in the tip and one in the central part of the insole send data to the internal microprocessor that optimises the heat production and the battery consumption.
    • One +Winter insole weighs than 60 gr.: way that's less than a bar of chocolate and keeps you much warmer!
    • +Winter insole is 2,5 mm thick at the tip and 9 mm at the heel.