• Am I supposed to change my shoes or my ski boots in order to use +Winter heated insoles?

      +Winter heated insoles are so thin that in the very vast majority of situations the user can wear them inside his current shoes without any problems: you won't even feel that they are there, just wear them inside your shoes and enjoy even the coldest day.

    • Can I use +Winter insoles with any smartphone?

      +Winter insoles utilise the modern Bluetooth 4.0 technology, that is supported by most of the modern smartphones (e.g. iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6s, 7 and modern Android Smartphones). Before purchasing +Winter, check if your smartphone is Bluetooth 4.0 compatible. Smartphones Huawei P7, P8 and P9 (all versions) are not compatible with +Winter.
    • With which operative system does +t App work?

      +Winter insoles work via Bluetooth 4.0 both in iOS 10.x and Android 5.x : all you have to do is download the free +t App available in the App Store and Google Play (search keywords “+Winter e2g”). PLUS T Sagl has no visibility nor access to the data that the user sets inside the App. Your privacy is fully protected.

    • What happens if +Winter insoles get wet?

      Wireless charging technology, the materials and the construction technique of the insoles make them fully resistant to humidity and water splashes. Therefore puddles and rain are not an issue: once you’ve arrived back home from your rainy ride, make sure you dry the insoles with a cloth and store them in a dry place. To clean them, you must not place them in the washing machine, but feel free to wipe them with a wet cloth.

    • Will +Winter insoles make my feel sweat?

      +Winter insoles thermal behavior has been developed and honed during months of tests. Our goal is to offer the best comfort and not simply “turning on the heat”. More than 200 professional athletes have been involved in the testing phase, refining the temperature adjustment and the overall thermal comfort during exercising, always making sure that neither sweat nor humidity would appear.

      +Winter are an amazing piece of technology: two built-in temperature sensors interact with their microprocessor in order to keep the set temperature and to squeeze every last drop of energy from the battery.

    • How long does it take to +Winter to get warm?

      On average, considering you are wearing normal socks, it will take around 30 seconds for your feet to enjoy the warmth developed at the front end of the insoles.

    • In which case do +Winter insoles stop heating up?

    +Winter insoles do not heat up when they enter in energy saving mode, which happens in the following cases:
    • during recharge mode
    • when in lock mode
    • after 5 minutes that they don’t register any movement
    • when they rest face down
    • when the set temperature is lower than the temperature inside your shoe
    • Do I need a USB plug in order to recharge +Winter?

      +Winter insoles are recharged by a wireless charger, that needs to be connected to an USB plug. The wireless induction charger has to be 5V, 2.1A, 100-200KHz, certificated Qi v.1.1.. The charger allows to charge one insole at the time. Charger color may vary due to availability.
    • How long does +Winter battery charge last?

      +Winter battery charge depends on several factors such as:

      -  External temperature
      -  Type of shoes
      -  Type of socks
      -  Subjective perception of cold

      Here below some examples considering a person with a strong perception of cold:

      CASE 1
      - External temperature 23 °F (-5 C°)
      - Cycling shoes
      - Cotton socks
      - Light lycra shoes cover
      - Insoles temperature set at 86 °F (30 C°)
      Duration 4 hours approximately, working continuously

      CASE 2
      - External temperature 32 °F (0 C°)
      - Cycling shoes
      - Cotton socks
      - Light lycra shoes cover
      - Insoles temperature set at 79 °F (26 C°)
      Duration 5 hours approximately, working continuously

      CASE 3
      - External temperature 23 °F (-5 C°)
      - Ski boots
      - Woolen socks
      - Insoles temperature set at 82 °F (28 C°)
      Duration 5 hours approximately, working continuously

      CASE 4
      - External temperature 5 °F (-15 C°)
      - Wet mountain boots
      - Cotton socks
      - Insoles temperature set at 99 °F (37 C°)
      Duration 2 hours approximately, working continuously

      • How do I know if +Winter is charged?

        You can monitor the status of the batteries directly through the +t App on your smartphone.
      • If my smartphone runs out of batteries, will my +Winter insoles keep working?

      Of course! Thanks to the internal accelerometer, +Winter insoles detect the movement and they will keep your feet warm using the last settings you have set, without being affected by the fact that your phone is flat or out of the reach of the Bluetooth 4.0. For instance, you can set the insoles and go skiing leaving your phone at home.
      • Is it true that each time I start my +Winter App, the insoles connect themselves to the phone automatically?

      Correct! The App seamlessly creates a link with your insoles each time it gets launched on your smartphone. You have to pair +Winter insoles and your smartphone only the very first time.
      • Do +Winter insoles work only if connected to the App?

      Not at all, all you have to do is to wear them and they will automatically start to the set temperature thanks to the internal accelerometer, given that their batteries are full. The App is necessary to:
      • Set the desired temperature
      • Check the status of the batteries
      • Start the “Max Heat” function: such function warms up both insoles at the maximum power. After 4 minutes at the max temperature the insoles will automatically set themselves to the temperature set via the App
      • “lock” the insoles, so when you store them or you put them in the suitcase to bring them with you they don’t accidentally activate themselves
      • From which countries is it possible to purchase +Winter insoles?

        +Winter insoles are fully CE certified and can be purchased at www.plus-t-store.com from any Europian country (27 EU states plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Croatia and Norway). Shipping costs will be automatically calculated according the country of destination once you’ve reached the check-out before paying. 
      • Can I go running with +Winter slotted in my running shoes?

        +Winter insoles are the ideal device to enjoy warm feet when walking, skiing, horse riding, golfing, cycling or riding your motorbike. Activities such as jogging or playing soccer stress your feet to a level in which additional warmth is rarely necessary. That’s why we don’t recommend using +Winter when running as it may also affect the mechanical longevity of some components.
        • I have encountered some troubles trying to ‘pair’ the insoles with my smartphone.

        The first time you remove +Winter insoles from their box they are not already connected to your phone. In order to “pair” them with your smartphone you need to “activate” them through a simply sequence of movements, as shown by  this quick video or as described in the instruction manual that you can find inside the insoles box. You need to couple the insoles to your smartphone only once: even if their batteries go flat, the connection will remain valid.

        • I bought +Winter during winter 2015/16, where can I find the pairing video?

        Here you can find how to pair your 2015/16 +Winter insoles with your smartphone.

        • Do +Winter insoles come with an insurance?

        +Winter insoles come with a worldwide 24 months warranty from the date of your purchase. Such warranty covers manufacturing or assembling defects and the presence of faulty electronic components. The warranty will not cover accidents or malfunction caused by the product’s misuse, such as washing them in the sink or in the washing machine or if bent like shown in this image:

        • Where do I find the product serial number?

          If you ever needed your +Winter serial numbers for technical assistance you can find them by tapping on the "i" icon on the top-right of the screen, as shown in the image here below:

        For further information regarding the CE requirements pleas click here: CE declaration of conformity