No more cold feet, both in everyday life and in your sport activity


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+Winter insoles will keep you warm in those long and cold winter days.

+Winter insoles are rechargeable, incredibly light and wafer-thin: simply slot them inside your favourite shoes and turn them on. With our cutting edge technology and an easy to use +t smartphone app you can fully control the perfect temperature and enjoy the most amazing warmth.

In two years of intense development all of our components have been tested and shrunk in order to bring you the thinnest insole on the market: +Winter are no bigger than your average 'non heated' insoles and offer you the best ergonomic fit.

The wireless charging system and the adjustable temperature make +Winter insoles truly easy-to-use, handy in all those situations where your feet get cold and consequently your entire body. With +Winter insoles you will no longer suffer when your toes are freezing on those frosty winter mornings, wearing +Winter will be the ideal to start your day.

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